How to Choose the Right T-Shirt?


If you’re stuck wondering what makes a T-shirt a great buy, then we’ve got the answers for you. Buying the best quality T-shirts will ensure you’re stylishly dressed and looking your best all the time. The best T-shirts will also last much longer than low-quality brands. Here’s what you need to look for in your next purchase.


The material used in the T-shirt significantly determines the end quality of the product. Not only that, but the fabric will also be in close contact with your body, so the material your new T-shirt is made from is important.

When you buy a shirt, you should be looking for those made of 100% cotton. This natural material is breathable and will, therefore, help keep your body cool on a hot day. It also works as an insulator and will keep you warm when the weather is cooler.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester tend to become ‘sticky’ in warm weather. They can also feel uncomfortable on your skin and sometimes cause irritations.

You’ll often find shirts made from a combination of cotton and polyester fabrics. These are OK, but you should look for shirts made from 100% natural materials wherever possible.


For starters, the shirts you buy should fit. You’d be surprised to learn how many people get this basic rule wrong. Now, while T-shirts may appear to have a basic cut, it can still be a challenge to set the good from the bad.

A quick trick you can use when comparing shirts is to look at the stitching used. By comparing the sewing, methods used you’ll identify poorly sewn shirts from well-made ones. The stitching is what holds your shirt together, so it makes sense to choose good quality stitching over bad.

There is one type of T-shirt that you should avoid - the box cut. This is the most basic design on the market and used in low quality, cheap products. When worn, the box cut squares out your body shape. Not only does this hide your figure, but it also makes you look rather strange.

A T-shirt that has a good fit will flatter your body. It should mimic the natural shape of your body, and highlight the appealing curves and figure. Most people aren’t shaped like a box, so box cut T-shirts rarely look good when worn.



T-shirts are extremely popular items. You’ve likely got a dozen or more already in your wardrobe and so does everyone else! There’s a broad range of prices, from designer brands to no-name basics. So how much should you pay?

Right from the start you shouldn’t be buying shirts that are too cheap. For starters, they’ve likely been made in ‘sweatshops’ overseas by underpaid workers. Secondly, the manufacturer will have cut corners to keep costs low to make a profit still.

Cheap T-shirts will likely be made of inferior quality cotton. This cotton will be more liable to break, tear and fade. Sure, the shirts are cheap, but you’ll be throwing the shirt out and buying a new one every few months.

When it comes to more expensive shirts, it becomes a little harder to judge the quality. A T-shirt should cost upwards of $15 for a plain shirt, even $30 is acceptable. The quality of these shirts is high, with good stitching and materials used throughout.

What you should be avoiding are overpriced shirts. Those that are sold for more than $50, not only is there no improvement in quality, but you’re paying more for a logo than the material.


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