A Guide for Buying Leggings - Some Do’s and Don’ts While Shopping

What are leggings?

Leggings are a fitted pair of pants that can either be worn alone or as a layering garment with some other clothing. They are the latest fashion clothing for womenthese days. Originally, leggings were made as two separate garments, one for each leg. With time, the designs altered and now they are a single piece of the clothing item.


A legging keeps a wearer’s legs warm. They are available in a broad range of colors, designs and materials. Leggings are used for many different purposes. They can be worn casually or can also be used during your workout sessions.

Buying a legging can be tricky. It is crucial that you pick up the right pair of leggings for yourself. Here are some do’s and don’t while shopping for leggings next time:-


  • Sizing Chart

When you buy a pair of leggings or any other type of clothing, it is imperative to consult a sizing chart. Almost every brand has their size measurement, so the measurements can vary from one brand to another. Designers offer their size chart to the buyers so that they can compare their personal measurements with the sizing chart.

  • Try on similar leggings

When it comes to clothes, it is always best to confirm personally in a local retail store rather than relying on online stores. If you want to purchase your leggings from the online store, the first step should be to buy a similar pair of leggings from a local store and try them out. Trying them on will give you a better idea to judge any pair of leggings from a photo online.

  • Material

The choice of material is a major decision while buying a pair of leggings. As leggings are multifunctional and can be worn on multiple occasions and with a variety of outfits, it is critical to choose your legging material with your purpose in mind. If you want to use it for workouts and gym purposes, you can choose Lycra or spandex material. And if you want to use it for daily wear, you can pick cotton, wool, silk, etc.




Don’ts –

Ignore comfort

Comfort is the most important thing with every clothing material. Even if leggings are available in very tempting and cheap prices, it is not necessary that they will be comfortable to wear. You cannot compromise your comfort level for the low price. Leggings are supposed to be very soft and flexible on a woman’s body. Most importantly it should feel comfortable to the wear.

Confusion between tights and leggings

Both tights and leggings are made to be form fitted to the wearer and can be worn underneath any other clothing article. Even though the designs are same, there are differences between tights and leggings. One of the major differences is that tights are made from thinner material and leggings are made with thick material that can be worn on their own as well.

Make sure you evaluate your leggings carefully before making the purchase. This legging is one garment that can last a long time and can have multiple uses with different garments with proper care while washing.