Our young but successful manufacturing company clearly understands that we live in the age of technological and digital innovations. This makes all market processes extremely simplified and accelerated. While keeping our national traditions of producing high-quality apparel we, at the same time, also make use of all the advantages that the latest technology offers. We make it a point to not only create a great product but also make it easily and quickly available to our clientele with the convenience of online shopping.

The digital age has made our lives extremely busy despite the convenience of new technologies. Everyone seems to be hard pressed for time. People don’t have time to spend long hours in fashion stores. Although shopping helps reduce stress, driving all the way to the market is quite a hassle. Welcome to our online store for shopping from the comfort of your home. You can complete your wardrobe without visiting a single store because the job of choosing and buying clothes is now done on the internet with ease and convenience without having to leave your comfort zone. Online shopping provides our customers with a chance to view all our products and choose whatever design and style appeal to them. Online shopping also lowers the cost of our products significantly which, in turn, benefits our clients. Everything starts with our website, specially created for our Sydney clients. It has an easy-to-use and convenient menu where you can quickly find the item you need.

We have placed some charts on our website to help you choose the product of the right size. The whole process of shopping is over within a few minutes. We always offer seasonal discounts, special deals and promos and massive sales. Once you pick an item, you may also compare it with another one. Site menu has detailed description of each item on offer. The delivery process offers significant advantages to our Sydney residents. First, the delivery is free no matter whether the order is big or small, inexpensive or costly. Secondly, we use Australia Post Service which makes the delivery time as short as possible, usually less than four days for the product to reach your doorsteps. We do understand that sometimes the ordered clothes might not fit or our client might need the item in a different colour. Worry not! Our return/exchange policy is quite simple and straightforward. The process is not only pretty easy we also cover the cost of shipping if needed. If you wish to receive the refund instead, and not want to change the item you purchased in the first place, we will return 100 percent of the cost with no deduction at all. If you still have any question about our products or services we have a 24/7 customer service for your convenience.

We also want to let you know that the idea of Red Parrot Fashions Business, first of all, is to make contributions for charity purposes. We start our operations in India and Australia with a promise of 20% of the profit offered for the needs of poor or sick people.