All about Jeans

Jeans, the evergreen item in the wardrobe is a person’s best friend. It’s often called the second skin. Everybody loves jeans and swears by their favourite pair. But how many times has it happened that you have ended up with the wrong pair simply due to a few buying mistakes and then, you don’t know what to do with them? And in most cases, the pair is too costly to throw away

Fit, it matters

At Red Parrot, we know how important is a pair of jeans to someone. When it comes to jeans, the fit is all that matters. It is important to know your body type and buy the jeans that complement you. It doesn’t matter if you are going for an imported jeans or branded jeans, what is important is whether you feel comfortable in it. If you like the fit, you will look good in it.

Skinny fit, Slim fit, straight fit, classic fit and relaxed fit – we have seen these tags on our jeans, haven’t we. But most of us don’t know how to decode them. Here’s an easy guide to help you understand fits and which one is for you.

 Skinny Fit: This fit is for the skinny, really. They are tight throughout – hip, thighs, legs and ankle. They are best for slim guys with thin legs. 

 Slim Fit: Slim fit denim are thin. But remember, there is a difference between slim fit and a skinny fit. Slim fit jeans slightly hug your thighs and calfs while loosening around the ankle. Anything slimmer, you will end up with a pair of jeggings. It’s good for slim guys with thicker legs. 



Tapered Fit: This pair will have more room in the hip and thigh area compared to the slim fit but will taper near the ankles. This fit is good for people with average body size but thicker legs.

Straight Leg Fit: Straight leg fit, on the other hand, have a similar fit all the way down, the jeans will feel tight at the thighs but loose downwards. Go for stretch jeans to feel more comfortable around the things.

Classic Fit: The classic fit is the fit where it is loose throughout. It looks good on skinny people giving a flared up feeling for their otherwise slim thighs.

Relaxed fit: The relaxed fit is the fit which is baggier in the hips and through the thighs. This relaxed fit is the classic 90’s fit but hasn’t lost its charm yet.

At Red Parrot, our jeans are made with special care to ensure each fit is made with a lot of care to ensure you feel most comfortable in it. With regards to denim, We stock up the entire gamut of fits discussed above. When it comes to jeans in Sydney, we have one of the largest collections online. Our affordable range of designer denim is available online for Sydney to ensure everyone gets their favourite pair of jeans.

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