It is a well-known fact that Sydney residents love to keep up with style and fashion, no matter what. Because of the very pleasant tourist atmosphere in this place, there are dozens of representatives of different nationalities and cultures, who bring hot variety among the types of clothing and accessories. Women and men in Sydney are quite trendy, and they pay much attention to what they wear. The residents of Sydney tend to dress up more than most other capitals and big cities in other countries of the world. They like to have fresh, new, special and unique looks.

Closeness to the ocean brings its atmosphere into people’s life and, of course, into their outfits. The Indian style in everyday clothes is very popular among the people because it satisfies all customer’s demands and picky tastes. It has its exotic scent and view which totally fits into daily Sydney life. Even if you just take a quick look at the Indian-styled clothes, which have only a couple of features of national style, you will feel different. People always want something unusual and special to stand out of the crowd. The greater variety of clothes the market has the more demanding and picky the customers become. Fashion stylists constantly work hard and compete with each other to fulfil the needs of their clientele.

People don’t just want their clothes to look nice they are also always looking for the best quality and price. It makes it a lot harder for the clothing companies to survive in such a hard market conditions. Our company Red Parrot Fashions aims to meet all our customers’ demands and desires in Australia. This company is fairly new in the manufacturing industry. It started work in 2011. At the same time, it uses the unique and creative work of the best stylists and designers based in India. These designers understand all requirements of a modern fashion market in Australia, and they do their best to create fashionable, high quality and affordable clothing for wider consumer groups. All these efforts make our clothes highly competitive.

We offer superior quality Men’s shirts, T-shirts, Women’s T-shirts, Tops and Leggings. All these clothes are daily use item for all sorts of activities. You will find a wide variety of casual clothes, clothes for business meetings party outfits and formal and informal dresses. All our products have unique character and style, and they depict true Indian spirit. Our clothes are not age-specific or gender-specific. Youth, adults and seniors – all are very welcome to our online stores where they will find something to fall in love with. Our designers always use the best quality fabric which gives our consumer a feel of convenience, warmth and elegance. It’s relatively recently that we introduced in our store something unique from India - the famous Indian ‘sarees’ to our customers. Counting on the unusual tastes and high demand of our potential clientele, we are planning to offer high-quality premium sarees at our store very soon. Be ready to open your purse strings for these unique items!