India is well known not only for the special kinds of clothes fashions but also for the enchanted colours they use for them. Red Parrot Fashions is no exception to this tradition. Simply by just using distinctive colours, we can add unique features to the casual clothes.

So for all fashionistas, especially those in Sydney who love to stand out and be on top, we will explain what different colours mean and why we use them to create our apparel.

Black has a connection with evil, negativity, anger and darkness, and also with death. White is a mixture of all seven colours. White is the only colour allowed to wear for widows. They use it at funerals to mark that somebody has died in the family. This colour is also known as the colour of peace and purity. We live in the modern age in which the white and the black colours are very familiar and universal. Our company follows the modern trends and the traditional meanings of these two colours become entirely irrelevant, especially in Sydney. Progress dictates its norms, and we follow them. The red colour is a part of our symbol and company’s name. And there is a big reason for it. Red in India is a dynamic and always moving fire in the person’s eyes. This colour refers to one of the most revered gods in Hinduism – Durga. Red incites fear, it also stands for purity, and it is the preferred colour for wedding dresses.

This colour also means fertility and prosperity, and also it’s a colour of one of the most used species in India – chillies. It signifies pure and positive energy. That is why this colour is used a lot in our products. The blue colour is associated with god Krishna, the most beloved gods in the Indian mythology. It’s the colour of ability to deal with stressful situations, of stable mind and wisdom. Green, as evident, symbolises new life, nature, harvest and people’s happiness. Saffron is the most sacred colour in Hinduism. Its meanings are very close to the meanings of red colour. It is also the colour of purity and spiritual wealth. Yellow stands for knowledge and learning, and also for mental development.

It is said that this colour activates the mind. Marsala colour symbolises a bold personality. If the woman wants to impress everyone with her fearlessness, then this colour is what she should pick, and it pairs perfectly with classic blue. If someone pairs toasted almond with the right shade of blue, it would make him (or her) look fabulous. The best matching for this colour is red. Tangerine is a bright, playful and energising colour. It gives you perfect party mood. Combine this colour with yellow or green and success will follow you everywhere. Grey is a very classic colour, and it suits everyone, old or young. You can also pair this colour with Marsala or perfect blue to become irresistible. Lucite Green is an unusual and exotic colour for the Australian public. This shade of green is very refreshing, and it’s perfect for summer. You may perfectly combine this colour with classic blue or scuba blue.